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Walk With Me by the Water


Walk with me by the water as we reflect yesterday
The path is a bit thinner, as our bodies thicken
Our hands when they touch transparent and cold
But our hearts are alive with life

Walk with me by the water; donít be frightened by what we see
A couple that is now one
Wrinkles of wisdom artfully sketch our canvas
Reflective memories bring tears

Walk with me by the water with hopes and joy
As we watch our family grow
Children bring grandchildren, waxing and waning just like the moon
Welcoming the etches of life

Walk with me by the water
Walk with me in life
Walk with me for eternity
As we move through all that is heaven

Poet: laura laveglia
Copyright © 2011

read: 4992 times Rating: Date: 09 September, 2011

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